LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO - un mundo de oscuras intenciones CD
LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO evolved from the ashes of classic Chilean hardcore/punk bands such as COLAPSO AUDITIVO or SIN APOYO. This CD is their first album, which was recorded at C.F.A. studios, Santiago de Chile.


300 copies


MP3s: 1.dios de papel 2. up the punk


Legitimate rareness (legitima rareza)
Minds crime
To desire the denial of the social decease
Psychiatrist in rooms full of mirrors

Give to our senses the pleasure
Give to our senses the fire
Give to our blood the wrinkles

You look like you don’t feel, to die without ever living
Let’s strip off the pure from the profane
For the destruction of the Christian reasoning

For the power of salvation
Erogenous ritual biting at life
Of our internal enemies
Nothing to expect
The power does not wait to punish
And it will be reborn on every act of mutation
Conscious of the harm, our reality
Will be stronger than words

Paper god (Dios de papel)
Do you know what is money?
Yes, it is the most important thing on earth
It’s those papers with printed numbers
That we transform into anything
They have the capacity to make people work
Kill themselves and drive them crazy
And to deny it is necessary
Have it in your hands and you will know

It’s enough to have them and your values will be conceded
Meanwhile I see your glory in vane
I realize your eyes shining
Your greed full of disappointments
And fucken horrors
It creates power and while it exist
Nothing will change or be different

So much a hero as being dead (Tan heroe como tan muerto)
Observer of lost life
You realize that you too, have failed
You little humbleness has blinded your eyes
You proved tears and now a betrayal

Don’t think your peculiar
That when I hear you talk
You talk only to yourself

A giant world has just fallen
And you never change
You are not guilty
Your courteous net, full of shields
Lies and social fights

So much a Hero as being dead (x4)
And you shut up because you’re just a kid!!!

You don’t know who we are right?
Well neither do us
We much less know what we want
But we do know what we reject
Our strength consist of that

We know very well who are the capital opportunist
The arbitrary and service of the law uses them
The defendants of order and always the same thing
The dictatorship of values
Let’s go back to our silence
While they parade on our tvs

Denial 1 (negacion 1)
You subdue us
You control us
You lock us up, torture us
And assassinate us
To exchange of what?
Our forgetfulness
But we refuse to forget
We are too sensible
For that to happen

Denial 2 (negacion 2)
A pile of frustrations
Is what history reflects
Written by red ink
And sung by the winners
And you crawl through the swamp
And nothing will be destroyed
But you still have your hate
To spit at them
To pay even after death

To pay even after death (pagar hasta despues de morir)
You think you live
Just because you breath
All you feeling were castrated
They injected you when to work
How to dress, where to eat
But never how to live
They injected you were and what to study
Who to believe and to pray
In how to love and hoe to suffer
But never how to live
They injected us in the head what to eat and what to think
And for all of this and more
To pay after death
You are bought and then sold
Like you never get out of you mind

The sacred assembly (la sagrada asamblea)
Organization concept
Wasting your time in the waking world
Do you not sleep?
Deciding and fighting as a citizen
What’s the difference between vertical and horizontal?
If some speak and others obey
Like in democracy
What’s your contribution if you personality
Is smashed by the labia boss
Damn sheep from the sacred assembly
You think we are apathic
You think we are superior
My errors hurt you so much
Destroy the dogmas
Destroy the norms
That rule your time
Your life and your liberty

Up the punk
A parade of marginalized people
Superficial and arrogant
Stuttering for unity
Your ego will eat you up
Before you try to play another game
Buds breaking through the cement jungle
In the simplicity is where the wealth lies
Up the punk
Up the punk

Dark intentions (oscuras intenciones)
Who atrophies you brain?
The mystery veil or the unreachable
You think you can resuscitate
From the hand that guides you
To your death and betrayal
Behind you, the disaster, the structures
Neither heaven ever opened
The rich spirit is not a saint

Look at them with affection
Everything solid, falls apart in the air
When the screams are suffocated
I receive the disaster
To my dark intentions
And I contemplate how the organizations
Rot with me