When did you start your band, what's the idea behind it and in which other bands did/do you play?

adrian:the band started in 2000, the original idea was having a side project,but then discordia (our band at the time) broke up.diference of ideals made it a non functional band.so we decided to do the side project full time with our friends from chulavista ubaldo (ex-chicken farm, the rabbits, los diableros) and fernando (run for your fucking life) and now our current bass player george(ex-run for your...,los diableros,etc.) and everyone has a side progect in the band.
BUMBKLAAT is composed of people from Mexico and the United States, isn't it? When did the idea rose to from this kind of 'international band'?
adrian:we choose to do this way to aproach the differences of culture between mex. and the us. i guess it was to learn from each other and create a sort of unity between both comunities.

How would you describe the connection between the punk scene of Mexico and the United States?

the conection is good,now more and more bands are crossing to play in tijuana,and vice versa,in my opinion i can say we get along pretty well.

And what do you think about the region (Tijuana, etc.) in general? Did you raise in the area?

adrian:well i got to tijuana when i was 15.oscar was born here.so i can say pretty much that i was raised here in tijuana,i think tijuana is good in some aspects,as far as work,you can always find a job,even though the pay is very low.culture wise it is varied,but you can see the american influence eveywhere.and as every day living it's not a very safe place to live.you have corruption, prostitution, executions, kidnappings.you have to look behind your shoulders once and a while.

Do you remember the first time you've crossed the border and made experience in the other county?

oscar:i really don't remember.adrian:my first time was ilegally when i was 8 years old.so i dont remember anything bad or special about it.as regular crossing now you can sometimes see the racism by the border patrol,but if you are cool they leave you alone.

I guess a lot of the relationship between Mexicans and US Americans is based on prejudices. Where and how do you suffer those prejudices and what
are the most common stereotypes which both countries are confronted with?

adrian:the stereo tipes wee see on american and mexicans ake effect on regulas people,the ones that live with patriotism on their heads.if you see a white person in tijuana he automatically turns in to a gringo.it doesnt matter if he is european or canadian.and if you see a brown skin in america he's oficially a latino,and this goes on with everybody

What are the main reasons for you to stay either in Mexico or in the USA?

oscar:well ubaldo and george were both born in the u.s.all their families live there.i'm just use to living here and my hole life has been here in tijuana.
adrian:the reason why i live in tijuana is because i have my friends and family here.i got a good job as a designer ilustrator and it's good enough to provide for my family.

I guess the majority of inhabitants of each country has it's own views on the politics of both states. In which aspects can learn Mexicans from US-americans and US-americans from Mexicans?

the u.s.goverments main concern is ilegal crossing and drug smuggling.why?because it's easier to disguise the subject from the real purpose,mexico has the real problems,and it seems that both goverments don't help each other,they just criticize their actions,good or bad.so i just think they should work together to solve their problems.

A lot of the new generation bands from Mexico seem to be heavily influenced by TRAGEDY and FROM ASHES RISE. It's the same in Europe. Bands like EKKAIA, COP ON FIRE, TO WHAT END, PACK, etc. created sub-scene within the punk/hc world which is dominated by depression, frustration and negativism. What do you think about these tendencies?

adrian:i think these tendencies,musical and lyrics are welcome in my point of view,but not to base a sub-scene from it.i like these bands but the way i see it,you gotta create your own stile,or at least try...basically everything has been done in one way or another.the bands now a days have to find a way to be more creative.

The sub-scene which I'm talking about is also heavily stuck in alcoholism and drug-use. How's that in USA/Mexico? What's your opinion about alcohol in the punk context?

i see drug and alcohol use in both the u.s. and mexican scene.personally i dont use drugs or smoke,but i do drink.the way i see it is as long as you don't affect a second or third person it' ok.but i defenetly reject the use of heroin.
oscar:well i smoke and drink,dont do drugs though.i try not to be judgemental about people who do that,if they wanna waste away their life like that thats their problem.

How would you describe the aims and ideals of your band?

adrian:the ideals are very simple;respect,sacrifice and no time for bullshit.we all have kids,wives and girl friends so we apreciate everithing we do in or for the band.

Most of my readers never have been neither to Mexico nor the States. But almost everyone has it's own opinion and clichee about a Mexican and especially an US-American. Do you have an idea what the common clichees are? From your point of view... which clichees seem to be true, which are false?

oscar.well when you deal with people from all over the world,people tend to generalize and most of the time they dont see past that.i think prejudice is everiwhere not only in the us and mexico.but unfortunatly that's the way life is.cliche's about americans are very common:rude,obnoxious,think they are better than everibody,but that's one asshole out of a 100 people,and they tend to think that's everione.about mexicans being ilegal in the u.s.:ofcourse,they need to eat,feed their families,they have the right to survive.

As far as I know you've never been to Europe. How's the image which you generate if you think about Europe in general and especially if you think about the pun/hc movement in Europe?

personally i think it's hard core heaven.we really wanna tour europe,but like adrian said,our jobs and famillies makes it some times imposible even to practice.but we all do our sacrifices for the band.

Are you happy with the place you life at? Ever thought about moving somewhere else? if so... where and why?

oscar:i think we are all acustomed to our way of living,even though it's a different way from each other.personally i don't plan to move anywhere else,but who knows,life takes alot of turns and twists,you never know where your body is gonna lay after you die.

Finally a question which deals with your band: What are your next projects?

oscar:right now we are writing songs for a full length that we are planning to put out hopefulli next year,and right now we wanna play our asses off.......
Any comments or things you'd like to tell us?

oscar:well first of all:thank you for the interview,we apreciate the interest for the band from that side of the world,and any comments or questions are greatefully welcomed.you can reach us at bumbklaatt.com....or my space/bumbklaatt.thank you for everithing and we hope to soon.from the bottom of our burning hearts........