MY PRECIOUS (Singapore)

Fist of all I'd like to get a short overview over band history, releases, tours, labels, etc.?

My Precious is a five piece band from Singapore that got together sometime between the year 2001 and 2002. The line up consists of Kyn and Rina both on vocals,  Dyn on guitars, Zool on bass and Hairil on drums.
We have so far done 4 releases; a self-titled album, “My Precious” (2003), two split cd eps, “Missing Tom” with Japanese band Gauge Means Nothing (2004) and “The Venom In My Veins” with Australians Steve Towson and The Conscripts (2005) and most recently a discography of all our released material titled “Everything So Far”.
We have been toured and played in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Traveling and performing with the band has been wonderful and we hope to tour to other parts of the world soon!
We’re currently under the label, Thrash Steady Syndicate from Singapore.

Why did you choose MY PRECIOUS as your band name?

It was just something I (Kyn) suggested after I read Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I had become really fascinated with the character, Gollum who expresses his affection towards a ring which he called “My Precious”.

Have you played in other bands before? Have members of the band any side project?

All the members in the band have played in other bands before. We knew each other from being involved with the local scene from the mid 90s. We’ve played in various bands, anything from punk rock to hardcore. Currently, Zool and Hairil also play for their other bands; Hear Me Toby and Elegy for Eulisza respectively.

Your lyrics all seem to be very personal and somehow cryptic. Does MY PRECIOUS has a message??

We do not we set out as a band to spread a fixed set of ideals or messages with our music. We basically would love our audience to have the freedom to enjoy our music as it is and just relax and have fun. People should have the freedom to take what they have learnt and apply it to their lives instead of having someone dictating it to them all the time. Music should have that freedom.

Are you personally engaged in politics? What are your ideals or goals??

Nope. We are personally engaged in music making. We believe in world peace.

Do you think a band is able to enforce social change or a political direction?

Yes. There have been many bands that have used their influence and appeal to set directions in their community. In fact there have been many cases where the band is used solely as a form of propaganda to convert people’s beliefs and ideals.

I guess you will be bored about this question... but anyway: Is MY PRECIOUS putting forward some kind of feminist thoughts or ideals?

No, we’re not.

Is MY PRECIOUS suffering sexism/discrimination because of the two women doing the vocals?

No. Discrimination happens to everyone. Deal with it.

How's the situation/position of women in general in the Singaporean society?

Quite comfortable. They are quite independent, highly educated and career-minded. Sometime I feel these women can do more for their fellow women-folk, in terms of financial and emotional support. They sometimes forget that there are still women who have to struggle through hardship.

As far as I know you also toured other parts of Asia. Where do you see the differences between the Singaporean society and other societies?

Singaporeans are a pampered lot. We take a lot of things like national security, amenities, public transportation, just to name a few, for granted. Touring has personally opened up our eyes to better appreciate what we have.

I imagine, that Singapore has - because of it's economic power - big waves of immigration. Can you please tell us about problems, borders and racism?

No comment.

Lot's of South-East-Asian criticise Europeans for their lack of spirituality. Especially the punk/hc movement in Europe is a very anti-spiritual or anti-religious scene. What are you thoughts about it?

To each, his or her own. I respect everyone’s right to their own beliefs.

Within the last decades religious tensions and religious war between Christians, Jews and Muslims was more and more provoked and promoted. What is your opinion about religion and it's role in global politics?

I think it is just silly. People tend to forget the most important religion of all – Tolerance.

A cliché of Asian society in general is it's striving for harmony. Your music sounds very confrontative. Is it a reflection of your personality? What do you think about this cliché??

Of course, our music is a reflection of our personalities. The Asian society strives for harmony in many ways and one of them is through music.

Do you see a necessity for confrontation in your society? What do you like to change in society?

Yes. We need to confront ourselves before we can confront others. We need to be nicer to one another.

How do you see the hc/punk scene in Singapore in comparison to the normal society??

The hc/punk scene in Singapore tends to be more tolerant, sensitive and more open to thoughts, ideas and global issues.

What do you think are the problems of the scene??

Backstabbing, bitterness, judgemental and envy.

What will MY PRECIOUS do in the near future?

Finish recording our 2nd album and tour the world as much as we can afford to! Contact us if you want us in your area!

Any final words??

Drink 7 glasses of water everyday!